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by gemma wood

fun selection  -  safe to read  -  happy ending

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons

Children's bedtime stories          The sharing of children's bedtime stories between adult
Dexter's new home                          and child is a truly wonderous thing.  There are
Grandad's missing teeth                  enormous benefits for you both (and yes, I know
The very strange birthday                it's not easy always to find the time). Try to tell your
  present                                           children's bedtime stories using funny voices for
Sarah's secret                                  different characters, and be sure to put in appropriate
The lonely little dog                          strange noises.  You will then become one of the
A very funny noise                            finest at telling children's bedtime stories and your 
A silly little story                                children will love you for it.  Have fun.
Katie, the ghost hunter
Why are you looking at me, Mr Bull?
Dexter lends a paw
Wake up little sheepdog

Fun Colouring Pages                                    You may not be into statistics  but isn't it interesting
Charlotte the Camel
                                       to know that in the grand scheme of things young
Tropical Fish                                                               children rate story telling higher than video games and
Pumpkin the Pig                                                       television.  The benefits of                                  
Darcy the Dog                                                            reading children's bedtime stories to your children
Fudge the Cat                                                   are enormous.                                           

Fun Goodies to Bake                                          You may not be into research either, but studies
Cornflake Krispie Nests                       show there are links between early reading skills
Chocolate Cake                                   and future success.  Children who read, succeed
Sausage Bean Feast                           and a child who has had stories read to them is
                                                             far more likely to have a later interest in reading.

                                                                                                       So, telling children's bedtime stories is far
                                                                                                       more than you just reading the words.  It opens
Some silly fun poems                                            up a whole new world of sharing and lays the
                                                                                                        foundation for some exciting and fun experiences
Dexter's doggy fun blog                     ahead.
                                                               A child's mind is in the early stages of development
Contact                                                 and has a great capacity for imagination.  What
                                                               better way to nurture this than by sharing some fun
Links                                                      children's bedtime stories.  A child's mind is a
                                                                beautiful thing.  Do be careful of the material you
                                                                allow to enter this developing storehouse of